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ECOS 2 Meeting Material

Biophysical Research Overview for Growing Convergence Research Project – Videos presented at the October 6, 2021 Meeting of the Executive Committee on the Occoquan Sewershed

Click here to access the full video playlist.

  1. Revised Sodium Balance in UOSA’s Sewershed, Presented by Shantanu Bhide (Virginia Tech)
  2. Introduction: Ion Flux Study, Presented by Caitlin Shipman (Virginia Tech)
  3. Preliminary Analysis of Sodium Sources in the Cub Run Sewershed, Presented by Stan Grant (Virginia Tech)
  4. Attenuation of Different Chemical Cocktails Longitudinally along Bull Run, presented by Carly Maas (University of Maryland)
  5. Characterization: Occoquan Sewershed Presented by Gabriel Perez (Vanderbilt University)

Fuzzy Cognitive Maps: Mental Models of Freshwater Salinization in the Occoquan Reservoir

In the months leading up to the October 6, 2021, meeting of the Executive Committee on the Occoquan Sewershed (ECOS), project team members engaged ECOS members in drawing Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs) of their individual understanding of freshwater salinization in the Occoquan Sewershed.  FCMs are depictions of one’s perception of a particular issue in a manner that illustrates inter-relations and interdependencies in a semiquantitative manner.  At the October 6 ECOS meeting, we considered aggregated versions of the FCMs collected from ECOS members.  You can find those aggregated FCM’s in this document [link 1].   The aggregated FCMs illustrate a fully aggregated FCM for all members that contributed FCMS and two sub-group FCMs for clusters of individual FCMs that differ in their relative emphasis on sources and mitigation approaches. A full set of the individual FCMs for ECOS members – deidentified to protect the privacy of the individuals – can be found in this document [link 2].  We expect that ECOS members will further adapt their FCMs as the project progresses.

ECOS 2 Meeting Slides

Background Information:

Five meetings of the Executive Committee on the Occoquan Sewershed (ECOS) are planned prior to the project’s Reverse Site Visit at the National Science Foundation in July 2022. The first ECOS meeting occurred virtually on May 24th, 2021. The objectives of this first ECOS meeting were to introduce team members, and develop a collective set of goals and concepts to guide the one-on-one interviews with stakeholders and generation of fuzzy cognitive maps (FCMs).

The logic model for this first meeting, called “ECOS 1,” is illustrated below.